The Many Moods Of Denmark

I have left beautiful, sunny Spain for my Northern homeland of Denmark. Greeted in the Copenhagen Airport by a bright neon-green sign proclaiming that I was now entering the happiest nation on earth! Cheers to that!



It was raining cats and dogs when I had to fetch my rental car at parking lot “P10” – far, far away from the terminal. And no, it was not a covered walkway. Welcome to Denmark. There’s a reason why it’s so green!


I remembered my father’s words: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate attire.” Yes indeed, my attire was inappropriate for the deluge that met me. My “appropriate” rain gear happened to be up at my sister’s summerhouse in Vendsyssel on the very northern shores of the North Sea, where I forgot last year!  It has now been reclaimed by me, and the sun is shining, of course. Not that I’m complaining about that!







Over the last week or so, I have been touring across Denmark, visiting friends along the way, exploring places in Denmark I have never before visited, along with old, familiar and beloved places. Things have, of course, changes over the years, and yet they are so familiar.


Denmark now has her first National Park – the first wolves recorded in Denmark for centuries have appeared – wetlands are being restored. Windmills are now a fixture in the Danish landscape, no matter where you are, it seems. Not that windmills are a new thing in the Danish landscape, they have just changed appearance and I don’t mind. 

I consider myself lucky as I have more than one “home”. I go home to Denmark, and in a few weeks I will return home to Truckee, California!


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