Bird of a Different Feather – Play in the Studio


I love to watch instructional art videos! Even though I am mainly a watercolorist, it’s so much fun to watch other mediums and be inspired!  it’s important to take time out to “play” and see what happens!  This painting is the result of a couple of studio “play days”.

Here is what I did:

To start I painted in the background and the bird with the new Mission Gold Watercolors I wanted to test – love them! I painted on a 22″ x 15″ 300 lbs. Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper, which I had gessoed first. Used some black ink marker, a bit of black acrylics, some stained rice papers and gold tissue paper. Then I used a Versa Marker and some Embossing Powder, and finished it with some embellishments using Fashion Bead paint! If that’s not mixed media, I don’t know what is! It started out as a “challenge” painting for the Sierra Watercolor Society‘s January challenge, but took on a life of its own. I’ve learned to just follow along when a painting starts “speaking” to me! Love the journey!


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